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Aug 02, 1999



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Running Accomplishments:

I ran the Top of Utah Marathon in 4:43 after having my third child the year before. 5 K in 24:19, 10 K in 53 minutes pregnant. Survived personal training from my lovable but slightly overbearing husband Sasha for more than 8 years!!

Short-Term Running Goals:

Break 23:45 in the 5k.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Stay thin and full of energy.

Not be an embarassment to my family full of world class athletes.


Madly in love with Sasha. We have been married since 1996 and have been blessed with seven of the most adorable and talented children : Benjamin, Jennifer, Julia, and Joseph, Jacob, William and Stephen.

All of our children have run in at least one race, including Jacob and William who did it inside the womb. I enjoy various non-running activities such as: baking, sewing, playing organ, piano and flute, painting, and playing with our  vivacious children.

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Despite getting a root canal this morning my run went fine. I felt like my leg was strong and pushed it a little.

Magic is happening in my house right now...everyone is happy and I have a few quiet moments to write in here and think about how lucky I am to have a good family. 

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Something happened and I didn't get that last lap around the block in. 

My teeth taste a bandaid...I've been chewing gum on the non sore side of my mouth to get rid of the taste.  

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felt good today. Mowed the lawn this morning. Felt a lot better than last year when I was mowing it pregnant. Sasha would do it or pay someone but I'm weird about it. He mows it crooked and that makes me crazy...and it's just so expensive to pay someone for something that you only have to do once a week for 1/2 hour. I'm glad William is here safe and sound and that I can mow the lawn without killing myself to do it. :)

I NEVER take those facebook quizzes but I took one last night. It was the how many kids you should have one. Very dumb little quiz that basically matches your ability to deal with mess and chaos with your ability to be a good mother. It said I should have who should I get rid of? I'm not a clean freak and I can handle a little clutter and grime but who's to say that someone who can handle a lot of mess would be a good mother. I feel really sorry for kids that live with a mom that can handle it and never teaches them to clean up.  

It also made me grateful that I have the gospel in my life. In a way the test was probably accurate...I did start feeling completely overwhelmed with 3 kids and part of that is probably my perfectionism problem. More laid back ladies probably can handle more kids without going crazy. I have, however, because of my faith and my religion wanted a large family. I think I'm handling it better than a lot of people would. I get compliments on my mothering everywhere I go...but honestly if it weren't for the gospel I wouldn't have kept going and having this family because I would have given up on myself and not kept trying to be a good mom.

So can you tell I didn't get a run in with Luz this week? I have to blab on the blog more...hopefully next week I won't have a major medical thing going on. I have in the last few months ...horribly sick kids, insomnia, leg problems, mastitis and a root canal messing with my ability to get up in the morning..we'll see what tomorrow brings. :) 

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Best run yet..felt good the whole time..a little tired at the end but not too bad. getting ready for Easter :)

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good run...

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No watch still but I think that it was a 10:30 pace or so...a few twinges in the leg...had to stop and stretch but not too bad.  I had a weird dream last night that Sasha bought us a private plane for100 grand...that's probably a good price but I was mad (Of COURSE) because I thought we needed a bigger house before buying a worries...we aren't millionaires yet.....We'll just be lucky if we can add on a dining room to the back of the house like we've always planned to do in this house. I'm hoping. Right now we are eating with all six of our babies in a small corner in our small kitchen. Someone gave us a corner table so the little ones fit around it but it's a tight fit for adults...sigh...can you be sainted for putting up with a small kitchen? Maybe in America but probably not on a worldwide scale...Like the talk in our General Conference by an apostle Elder Hales mentioned that he wanted to buy a fancy coat for his wife. She replied, "Where would I wear it?" She was serving people in her ward and neighborhood that were struggling with money and definitely didn't want to show off to them. :)

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